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How To: Style An Insta-Worthy Fall Dessert Table

Fall entertaining season is upon us and we are excited to share our styling secrets with you on how to make your next dessert table modern, chic, and insta-worthy!

Similar to the appeal of the perfectly tousled bedhead hair, the goal is to make our table look effortlessly put together without really trying. It should look uncontrived and uncluttered. And the table should appear well-edited, yet warm and inviting.

Styling Tip #1: Avoid The Symmetry Syndrome.Tables look less rigid and more natural with any setting when items are placed more organically in a free-flowing manner. Don't put the cake or pie showpiece at the center of the table. Have it elevated on a stand for all to see, but only place it on one of the sides.

modern fall thanksgiving dessert table

Styling Tip #2: Keep your color palette clean and minimal. Use those yummy earthy fall neutrals as the base for your dessert table. Try using our blush kilim party plates and blush cocktail napkins to add some color. Mix in some black and white to balance the warm tones with cooler ones. We used a mix of black, white, gold, and beige accents to keep the palette minimal. To tie the rest of the table together, we used our black and gold party plates, marble party plates, and marble cocktail napkins (coming in November) to serve our guests! The best part about our partyware is that you can achieve that minimal look without looking mundane. After all, this is a party, so have fun with mixing patterns as long as they stay within the color palette. And don’t forget to add sparkles to the table with gold and glass accents.

harlow grey party plates

Styling Tip #3: Warm things up with wood. We, at Harlow & Grey, love our gold brass and marble! So, bring out all your best gold and marble pieces to show off! But, for a fall table, you definitely want to throw in some wood to warm up the table. Luckily, we have a wood table on hand. But if you don’t have a wood table, you can certainly pull off this look by adding wooden cake stands and decorative objects. Even wood branches can work.

modern friendsgiving table inspiration

Styling Tip #4: Add Autumn blooms! If you don’t know what flowers are in season, Bloom Tuesday delivers the freshest and the most unique seasonal flowers in a box every Tuesday. The flowers come loose so you can create any arrangement your heart desires! We used their fall flowers to whip up these pretty asymmetrical floral pieces. Oh, and don’t forget those white pumpkins, they’re a must!

fall flowers

autumn floral arrangement

Styling Tip #5: Personalize your table with GOLD objects you already have from your home. This gold deer head was found in our co-founder Gloria Wong Tritasavit's office desk. It's a pen cup, but for the party, we will consider it embellishment for the table. It's the finishing touch on this instagram-able table! 

gold deer head decor

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