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Four Simple Tips to Hosting Brunch with Apartment34

You don't always need a reason to throw a party. If you're in the mood to get a few friends together, why not host your own brunch? Erin from Apartment34 shows us how you can easily host a brunch at home with her simple tips (this one is for all of you busy mamas too!)

Table Top

Amethyst - Light Purple Large Plates

 Tip #1 Dress up your table top

Stocking up different tableware for each occasion can make throwing a party far more difficult, but that's where we come in. By swapping out your usual dishes with our tableware, you can easily match any theme. This also makes the not-so-fun clean up at the end a breeze. 

Light Purple Watercolor Paper Cups

Amethyst - Light Purple Watercolor Cups

Blanc - White Marble Colorblock Cups

Keep the Food Simple

Tip #2 Keep the food simple

Although everyone loves a home-cooked dish, it can be an extra burden as a host.  Rather than putting yourself to the extra trouble, brunch can be kept simple with pre-made items. Try opting for your favorite bakery or cafe for some pastries instead. Simple things like quiche or salad can easily be picked up and makes for a much easier set up.

Erin decided to go with one of her favorite spots in San Francisco, Le Marais Bakery for some delicious party treats. 

Rosé all day every day

Tip #3 Rosé all day

This tip says enough for itself. Adding Rosé to your brunch is always a crowd favorite, and if you want to be more dramatic try serving it in a magnum (just make sure you know how to open the bottle). 

Amethyst Purple Watercolor Plates

Amethyst - Light Purple Large Plates

Erin decided on one of her favorites, Azur Rosé to start the celebration. 

Take your flowers next level.

Tip #4 Take your flowers to the next level

When in doubt, add blooms. Adding a beautiful arrangement (or two) brings a touch of life to your decor and completes any table scape.

Hosting Brunch with Apartment34

Erin suggests a service such as Matilda's Magnolias, which delivers a box of stems which you can then arrange yourself. Matilda's Magnolias buys fresh cut flowers from Bay Area farmers, changing the weekly arrangements so that they are using the best blooms in season. Each box comes with an illustrated tip sheet on how to make a stunning bouquet. 

Hosting Brunch with Apartment34


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