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Gender Reveal Party - Two Ways!

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular by the minute, and we couldn’t help but notice that our customers are loving our Erika Collection for this occasion. Designed with "of-the-moment" colors like pale pink and navy, inset with rose gold details, it’s no surprise (other than the sex of the baby) that this collection has made it as many couples’ top choice when setting the tone for one of the most memorable celebrations of their lives! 

Now, whether you’re opting for a casual gathering or something more formal, we want to show you two ways on how to dress the table with our beautiful Erika Collection. Tips for a desserts + cocktail party and suggestions for a sit-down meal!

gender reveal party ideas

Here's a list of ingredients:

• FLOWERS - We suggest pink protea. They look great with the navy blue and pale pink hues of our Erika collection. Just a few stems on the side of the table is sufficient.

• DESSERTS - On a budget? Try getting a selection of frozen desserts from Trader Joe's and add fruits like slices of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to make a tray of beautiful dessert. Add some 'edible' gold leaf if you're feeling fancy!

• CAKE - Pink or blue! It's up to you!

• FAVORS - Guests need pampering too! Spoil your guests with luxury bath salts and beauty goods.

• TABLEWARE - This is a no-brainer. Harlow & Grey Erika Collection plates, napkins, and cups.

gender reveal party

For a DESSERTS + COCKTAIL (or MOCKTAIL) party, we suggest an effortless layout with flowers and cake off to the side. Two stacks of navy and rose gold colorblock cups - one higher, one lower. Fanned-out display of small plates instead of a straight neat stack. It'll make it easier for guests to grab too. Mix up the varieties of desserts onto different vessels rather than clustering the same type of dessert in one area. Separating them out will make it appear like there are more for your guests to choose from. :) Show off some party favors at the table too. Lastly, add pretty coupe glasses on the side for when the parents-to-be give a thank-you toast for all who have attended their celebration.

Simple pink cake with gold specks - like the one here made by our friend from Pretty Please.

navy cocktail napkinsTwo stacks of cocktail napkins on each side of the buffet. Place some gold forks to anchor one stack of neat napkins. Other stack effortlessly fanned out as shown above.

pink bath saltBath salts and body polish from Herbivore Botanicals for guests to take home after an amazing celebration.

summer baby shower ideas

For a SIT-DOWN MEAL, the table setting will always take center stage. If you're hosting for a large party, pretty paper tableware may just be the way to go. :) Again, protea flowers are perfect with our Erika Collection and make great centerpieces. A bottle of rosé on the table for easy pouring. White pillar candles on marble trays or dishes. Votive holders in mixed metals of gold and rose gold. Our navy and rose gold colorblock cups for water, wine glasses for some rosé.

pink blush and blue party supplies

blue and pink party supplies For visual interest, try placing our salad/appetizer plates on top of meal plates but off to the side so it's not directly in the center. We suggest placing our napkins off to the right side of the plate at a slant. We've taken the liberty to break from etiquette since our partyware isn't formal. Proper etiquette calls for napkins to be set neatly on the left side of the place setting assuming you would unfold the napkin and place on your lap. We think with a paper napkin, you would most likely grab with your right hand (assuming most are right-handed). Plus, it just looks better when we have most of our salad/appetizer plates sitting on the left side of the meal plate.

pink marshmallowsWe think it's a fun idea to have some treats on the dining table too! Here, we have a gold dish filled with marshmallows by Malvi Mallow! It's nice to have these types of sweets to pass around while guests chat and wait for the meal to begin. Marshmallows are playful and great for a gender reveal. Fluffy and made with all natural ingredients, it looks awesome with our Erika collection! 

modern pink and blue table setting

pink blue rose gold modern party supplies

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Teresa Larsen

I’m super excited to be doing this for my friend who is finally pregnant after 10 years thanks for this great idea

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